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ABC Investigations Consultants Ltd are experienced investigators with drive, enthusiasm and willingness to succeed.

Most of all we are dependable tested professionals with many years experience in law enforcement and all aspects of investigations.

We specialise in covert operations, trained in surveillance to the highest level in Britain.

We have a comprehensive training package in all aspects of surveillance including anti and counter surveillance techniques.

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Personal Protection

Matrimonial Issues

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Stock Loss / Theft

Vehicle Tracking

The list is endless. We can confidently say that we can offer advice and assistance on almost any issue and if we can’t we will stop at that. Our rates are very competitive and we are confident that you will not get better value for your money anywhere. Why not try us and see?

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About Our Private Investigation Service

Our aim is openness and transparency in our relationship with our clients and we conduct all our business within the spirit of RIPA, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and RIPSA, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Scotland Act 2000 and RIPSA and never in breach of ECHR guidelines, Data Protection or Client Confidentiality.

ABC Investigation Consultants Ltd are based in Motherwell close to the main motorway links North and South.  We can respond to urgent requests for assistance with as little as 24 hours notice.  We offer a vast range of services and the expertise that goes with it to turn good advice into concrete results.  We are available at anytime to assist and our advice costs nothing.

What Our Clients Say

Fantastic service. Tried many other ‘investigators’ but Scott and his team got the evidence I needed in the most efficient manner. I was kept informed through the whole process and costs were kept to a minimum. Would highly recommend.

Mrs Anon, Motherwell


A private investigator’s job is to help organisations, members of the public, and solicitors, to solve sensitive or difficult problems by discretely gathering evidence and information.  Information is gathered using professional methods, including tracking, surveillance, making enquiries and monitoring A Private Investigator will uncover the facts. This information is then presented, and advice is offered where appropriate.

A few common duties of a private investigator include:

  • Surveillance, monitoring and vehicle tracking
  • Personal background and history checks
  • Relationship issues
  • Employee Absenteeism
  • Tracing missing people
  • Investigating fraud and theft

Using a private investigator is perfectly legal, providing that you choose a professional and ethical investigator or agency, that follow the rule of the law, based on the country they operate in.

A reputable private investigator will only use legal methods to carry out their investigations.  Here are a few examples of what a private investigator can and can’t do.

Private investigators are allowed to:

  • Use GPS tracking
  • Follow someone, in a public place
  • Use public & Open source records to look for people
  • Perform background and history checks
  • Social Media and Internet Enquiries

Private investigators are not allowed to:

  • Bug phones
  • Hack computers or emails
  • Trespass
  • Access sensitive private information
  • Tamper with mail

Private investigators have access to public and business records as well as private databases, all of which can all help them to track down a person’s whereabouts.

How do private investigators get their information?

Private investigators employ the use of a variety of professional tools, equipment and know-how to obtain the information they require.  The way in which information is gathered will depend completely on the nature of the case that is being investigated.

A few common information gathering techniques and equipment include:

  • Surveillance
  • Social Media and in depth Internet research
  • Public records
  • GPS tracking
  • Use local intelligence and resources

The price you can expect to pay for a private investigator to take on your case will be entirely dependent on the nature and extent of your enquiry.  Factors that will play a part in the cost include the number of operatives that will be required to carry out the investigation, mileage undertaken, and the tools, equipment and resources required.

For more information about costs and to see our price list here please give us a call.

A private investigator’s reputation is built not only on their success rate and professionalism, but also on customer trust.  Reputable private investigators like ours at Insight, keep all your information confidential and will never take details of you or your case outside of our secure premises.  Details of your case will not be discussed with any more people within our business than what is absolutely necessary.


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